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Join Alter Ego on its journey to make virtual fitting a reality. We are developing a virtual fitting tool for e-commerce stores to reduce the huge number of returns due to wrong size selections. In this way, we will make the online shopping experience smoother, more accurate, and most importantly greener. Join us and be a hero to all your friends disappointed with their shopping experiences.

What you’ll be doing

● Develop Web Components: Work on both frontend and backend aspects using React and Node.js.

● Manage Cloud & Databases: Handle AWS infrastructure and database systems.

● Follow CI/CD best practices: Apply continuous integration and deployment for efficient software delivery.

● Create E-commerce Integrations: Develop SaaS solutions for e-commerce platforms.

● Explore 3D Web Tech: Experiment with technologies like Three.js for immersive web experiences.

More information will be given during interviews.

What we are looking for

● Versatile Frontend Development: Proficiency in React and related technologies.

● Backend Familiarity: Basic understanding of backend systems.

● Cloud Infrastructure Basics: Foundational knowledge of AWS and related cloud services.

● Database Handling: Skills in managing and optimizing databases.

● CI/CD Practices: Experience with continuous integration and deployment processes.

● Programming Proficiency: Solid command of React and Node.js and relative best practices.

● Educational Background: MSc in Degree in Computer Science or related field, or equivalent experience.

Bonus Skills:

● Complex Cloud Solutions: Experience with advanced cloud setups in AWS.

● E-commerce Integration:Previous experience in development of SaaS solutions compatible with platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce etc.

● 3D Web Technologies: Exposure to Three.js or similar 3D technologies is a plus.

What will you be left with

● Dynamic Work: Rapidly evolving, diverse project involvement.

● Direct Impact: Key contributions to innovative technologies.

● Collaborative Teamwork: Engaging with a passionate team.

● Equity Opportunity: Potential stock ownership aligning with company success.

● Creative Input: Freedom to innovate and suggest new ideas.

● Professional Networking: Exposure to major industry players.

We’re looking forward to receiving your application and to be working with you!

Time Requirements and Location

Preferably you should be located in Zurich or nearby locations, no more than 30% of the work can nonetheless be

performed remotely (i.e. 1-2 days a week). Exceptions might be considered.

Salary Range

75’000-95’000 CHF + ESOP Plan

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