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Three.JS Developer

Botnet lets creators make AI avatars - similar to, but with a beautiful visualization of the character you're speaking to. Our initial use case is for anime fans.

As our Three.js Developer, you will utilize your technical skills and passion for anime to bring our concepts to life. You will work closely with our lean team of 3D artists and engineers to create a cohesive, engaging consumer experience.


3D Development

  • Design, develop, and implement Three.JS Avatar experiences in collaboration with 3D designers, artists, and engineers

  • Optimize 3D performance across a wide range of devices by tuning WebGL rendering techniques and algorithms

  • Ensure the quality and stability of 3D features and systems throughout the development life cycle

Technical Documentation and Collaboration

  • Create and maintain technical documentation related to 3D development processes and tools

  • Provide support and guidance for team members during development processes

  • Work closely with QA teams to identify, prioritize, and resolve technical issues

Level & Environment Programming

  • Collaborate with level designers and environment artists to implement, optimize, and polish 3D levels and worlds.

  • Develop tools and automation systems to streamline level and environment production for the team.

Optimization & Performance

  • Optimize 3D performance, identify bottlenecks, and debug issues to ensure smooth and efficient usage, prioritizing player experience.

  • Collaborate with platform-specific programmers to ensure the app runs optimally across various devices.

Tool Development & Integration

  • Develop, integrate, and maintain in-house or third-party tools and software to enhance the app development workflow.

  • Streamline workflows by creating systems that allow non-programmers to contribute to the app content more efficiently.


Soft Skills

  • Strong communication and teamwork skills, comfortable working in a multidisciplinary team environment.

  • A passion for gaming and a deep understanding of app development processes, challenges, and trends.

  • Effective problem-solving and critical-thinking abilities.

Technical Skills

  • At least 2 years of experience with WebGL, OpenGL, or other 3D graphics APIs in app development

  • Proficiency in JavaScript or TypeScript and familiarity with 3D frameworks such as Three.js, Babylon.js, or others

  • A background in performance optimization, shader programming, and multiplatform development

  • Experience using version control systems, preferably Git


  • A creative and forward-thinking approach to 3D development, eager to explore new ideas and find innovative solutions.

  • Adaptable and receptive to feedback, able to iterate and refine your work in response to changes or new input.

  • A proactive and self-motivated mindset, consistently seeking ways to contribute to the project and the team's overall success.

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