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Technical Artist

The world of commerce is in the middle of a transformational shift. This shift is challenging old, transaction-driven business models used by brands & retailers and enforcing a new era of relationship-driven commerce. In no other verticals than the skin, health, beauty, and wellness, the most personal categories of commerce for every consumer, is this transformation as clearly visible.

Revieve’s mission is to empower brands and retailers with the ability to create winning deeply personalized and loyalty-building skin, health, beauty, and wellness solutions for their consumers.

Revieve’s sophisticated comprehensive and flexible B2B beauty technology platform with state-of-the-art AI/AR technologies allows our partners to leap from transaction-driven to relationship-driven commerce.

Today our rapidly expanding customer base extends to more than 150 enterprise brands and retailers across 50 countries.

This is our Global Team

We are a diverse mix of nearly 70 people representing 23 nationalities from five continents and working in eight time zones. What connects us across our global network is the curiosity to seek continuous improvement and the passion to change the beauty industry. At Revieve, we are given a lot of room to explore in our roles, and largely get to choose where and when we work. That freedom is balanced by taking responsibility and owning our work. Whenever we are faced with a problem we can’t solve, we can count on our colleagues’ help. Joining the team, you will be a part of a fast-paced environment where we get stuff done, but encourage people to find their balance and have a life outside work as well. One example is our generous (five weeks) holiday scheme, from the moment you start on the job.

This is how you can make an impact

Are you an innovative Technical Artist passionate about graphics, AR, and the ever-evolving nuances of beauty and well-being? Dive into the heart of Revieve, where art meets technology to curate unparalleled personalized beauty experiences.

In this role, you will

As a Technical Artist at Revieve, you'll spearhead initiatives that redefine user interactions with beauty products.

  • Visual and AR Experience Creation: Craft AR experiences like virtual makeup try-ons using advanced face-tracking techniques. Guide users through intuitive interfaces and overlay personalized visuals on user media.

  • Technological and Creative Fusion: Harness technologies like FaceMesh and Three.js, blending them seamlessly with artistic visions. Innovate efficient workflows that maintain an equilibrium between visual quality and performance.

  • Collaborative Excellence: Collaborate cross-functionally with developers, designers, and product managers to ensure consistent and stellar user experiences. Share insights and provide solutions to artistic challenges.

  • Innovation and Learning: Stay updated with the latest in AR, graphics, and related technologies, ensuring Revieve stays ahead of the curve. Seek continual improvement and suggest tools or techniques to refine processes.

To succeed in this position, you need to have

  • A Bachelor's or Master's degree in Computer Graphics, Digital Art, or a related field, or equivalent experience demonstrating proficiency in these areas. We value skills and hands-on expertise over titles.

  • Proficient understanding of technologies like FaceMesh and Three.js.

  • A compelling portfolio showcasing AR experiences, graphics, and visualizations.

  • Exceptional collaboration and communication skills, ideal for our remote-friendly workspace.

  • An inherent knack for bridging the art-technology divide.

What sets you apart

We at Revieve believe that every individual possesses a unique value that makes them stand out. Here's what will make you a perfect fit and stand apart:

  • Three.js Expertise: Beyond mere familiarity, a deep-rooted expertise with Three.js allows you to push the boundaries of what's possible in web graphics and animations.

  • Web AR Mastery: Proficiency in creating augmented reality experiences tailored to web environments, ensuring fluid user journeys across platforms.

  • Personal Drive: A self-motivated attitude, showcasing a willingness to take initiative, challenge the status quo, and make an impact.

  • Diverse Thinking: A capability to view challenges and solutions from multiple perspectives, cultural, technological, or artistic.

  • Inquisitive Nature: An innate curiosity to explore, learn, and understand the rapidly changing landscape of beauty technology.

  • Empathetic Interaction: Understanding the users, their desires, and what they value to ensure the creations resonate at a personal level.

Meet our Tech team

We are a community of 20 talents led by our CTO Samuli, one of the founders and a laid-back, down-to-earth guy. You could call Valencia our home base but actually, we are spread all over Europe. While we are all experts in our respective fields from UX to Fullstack and Computer Vision and therefore, work quite independently following the agile principles, we do make time for building personal connections through professional code reviews and by having a laugh together virtually or over beers face-to-face.

What’s in it for you

  • Opportunity to be a part of building Revieve’s expansion in the Latam and US markets

  • A network of supportive colleagues around the globe

  • Flexible working hours

  • Personal budget for equipment

  • Full-time role, ability to work remotely

  • Competitive salary

  • Paid vacation (five weeks/ year and 10 local holidays)

  • Paid parental leave

What you can expect in the recruitment

  • Step 1: A call with People Ops to get to know each other a bit better

  • Step 2: Interview with theMiguel Climent Team Lead Fullstack

  • Possible qualifying tasks

  • Step 3: Follow up with Miguel (TL Fullstack) and Samuli Siivinen (CTO)

  • Step 4: Let’s agree on the details!

Joining us, you'll be part of a fast-paced environment where we get stuff done but appreciate each other as whole humans with a life outside the office as well.

Intrigued? We look forward to hearing from you!

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