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Software Engineer - Graphics

At Eukarya, we develop and provide "Re:Earth," a next-generation, highly scalable, and intuitive WebGIS (Geographic Information System) platform. Re:Earth is the first WebGIS to feature a browser-operated plugin system and is also available as open-source software. We aim to create and disseminate value in collaboration with our contributors, showcasing our achievements at global conferences like FOSS4G.

【Current Situation and Challenges】

A WebGIS engine refers to libraries like Cesium, Mapbox GL JS, and MapLibre GL JS, which display 3D maps on the web. Eukarya is aiming to develop a new "headless" OSS 3D map engine optimized for 3D urban models. Our goal is to achieve beautiful rendering quality and high-speed performance while easing multi-platform compatibility by implementing the core in Rust/WebAssembly and designing it to allow for interchangeable rendering engines. For more details, please refer to the technical articles and reports by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (

We are seeking engineers to develop the graphics portion of this next-generation map engine, tasked with creating an innovative 3D map engine that balances performance and aesthetics beyond existing WebGIS engines.

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Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism: Fundamental research for developing a WebGIS engine optimized for 3D urban models (

【Job Responsibilities】

・Development of a map engine using Rust, WebAssembly, WebGL, and WebGPU.

・Development of related shaders.


Work on technically demanding and challenging projects within a rare OSS-based business model in Japan, allowing engineers to perform visibly significant work. For more details, visit:


【Required skills】

・Experience in development with C/C++, Rust, or JavaScript (including WebGL, Three.js, etc.)

・Experience in development using graphics APIs (WebGL, WebGPU, DirectX, etc.) and shaders (GLSL, HLSL, etc.)

・Knowledge of general computer graphics, GPU, and linear algebra

Perferred Experiences

【Welcome Skills】

・Experience with WebAssembly, JavaScript, and TypeScript

・Knowledge of the latest trends in computer graphics

・Understanding of modern 3D graphics APIs such as WebGPU, Vulkan, and Metal

・Knowledge of physically based rendering, optics, and ray tracing

・Experience in consumer game development

・Knowledge and experience in WebAssembly and web frontend development (JavaScript, TypeScript)

・Basic knowledge of GIS, including coordinate systems, geoid models, tiles, raster and vector data

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