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Frontend Engineer

Who we are

The Metaversal Economic Foundation's (the “Foundation”) purpose is to foster a new digital economy focused around the Metaverse.  

The “metaverse” is best defined as a network of meaningful worlds, objects, identities and experiences that build on each other and the real world in ways that create economic value or provide fulfilling experiences. This network will unleash innovative businesses offering sophisticated digital assets, creating new jobs and expanding human opportunity. 

However, all this potential remains largely unrealized due to technical, experiential, and accessibility challenges. In addition, the absence of a functioning technological and economic system that allows builders and creators to support one another's work means we are stuck with either very open and decentralized but non-functional metaverse frameworks that major companies can’t use or popular but fundamentally closed UGC gaming platforms with limited freedom to build major businesses on top of them. A fully realized practical metaverse ecosystem is a network of many actors, all with their own needs and interests, all of whom have to be able to credibly build real businesses. 

Your Mission 

We are seeking an experienced Front End Developer to architect, develop and deploy front-end code for a variety of web3 applications. The primary focus will be on creating intuitive, responsive and attractive front ends to interact with our existing set of smart contracts. The goal is to contribute to the development of a thriving Metaversal Economic Foundation ecosystem.

Our current tech stack is React, Next.js, Typescript, wagmi and viem. Wallet interaction through Rainbowkit or ConnectKit. Styling includes Tailwind, Material UI, Shadcn and Framer Motion. The idea candidate will have experience interacting with EVM based smart contracts through the frontend, either through wagmi hooks or ethers.js


  • Write clean, reusable and performant React code.

  • Style and animate components based on design specifications (Figma or others).

  • Synchronize smart contracts (read functions) and subgraph data with client-side state.

  • Create functions that interact with smart contracts deployed on public blockchains.

  • Collaborate in the creation or improvement of UX/UI components.

  • Collaborate with product owners, designers and backend/blockchain developers.


  • Minimum of 3 years of professional experience in front end development roles.

  • Experience with React and latest versions of Next.js with Typescript.

  • Experience with a variety of styling methods.

  • Ability to follow designs and suggest viable solutions to UI/UX problems.

  • Web3 experience interacting with EVM-based contracts through frontend libraries. Basic understanding of blockchain, NFTs and Defi.

  • Experience with subgraphs (GraphQL).

  • Familiarity with gaming and the videogame industry is a plus.

  • Bonus: experience with three.js and/ or React Fiber.

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