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Frontend Engineer

We seek a motivated and experienced frontend engineer to join our product team, developing an embeddable web application leveraging Computer Vision and AR experience.

About the company
Haut.AI provides skincare brands with a B2B SaaS tool for AI skin analysis for their customers. This product facilitates R&D, provides essential tools for building skin analysis apps, and allows brands to better understand their client's needs for healthy and nice-looking skin. Haut.AI is an Estonian company with headquarters in Tallinn, but our clients are spread all over the world, mainly in the EU, North America, and East Asia.

About the product
We develop a "smart camera" tool for web AR applications to help users with the guided image collection process for consequent image analysis with AI. The web application is distributed as a JavaScript library, has external API, and allows user-defined UI customization. We are growing our team to bring more usability and worldwide scaling.

About the team
The product team consists of a Product Manager, Senior Tech Lead, Senior UI/UX Designer, and Senior QA Engineer.

The benefits of working in Haut.AI
First of all, it is extremely interesting to work on developing a new product in the company portfolio for an emerging market. This means freedom of experimenting, brainstorming, and multiple new technologies to try. What's more?

  • Competitive salary depending on skills;

  • 28 days of annual leave;

  • Locations: offices in Tallinn, Tbilisi, or working remotely;

  • All necessary devices for development and tests are regularly provided by the company;

  • Friendly, creative, and cohesive team. We hugely support cross-project experience sharing and company-level initiatives;

  • Inclusive environment - we value diversity

Haut.AI is recognized as one of the 5 best AI skin analysis companies in the world (according to Insight Ace Analytics) and has been profitable for many years, being at the same time a startup - by its nature and its spirit. This means that by joining Haut.AI as a developer you both have a high impact on the end product, and the job security of an established company.

As a Frontend Engineer, you will:

  • Participate in the team activities like tasks grooming/brainstorming

  • Implement custom Augmented Reality UI components and screens

-work in the mobile-first paradigm
-follow the responsive design approach
-use adaptive design approach as needed
-collaborate with UI/UX designer to get things done

  • Implement UI-specific logic like state management and routing

-collaborate with the Tech Lead to get things done

  • Implement UI-agnostic business logic from predefined modules

  • Perform bi-weekly code refactoring and tech debt reduction

  • Document the technical solution pitfalls, workarounds, and browser-specific issues

  • Debug and fix browser-specific UI issues

-be comfortable with the browser's Dev Tools

  • Write end-user integration documentation

  • Write e2e test cases for pre-defined use cases

-collaborate with the QA engineer or Tech Lead to get things done

  • Integrate third-party services like Google Analytics and Sentry for product monitoring

Desired skills and experience

  • 3+ years of experience in product teams, building web applications

  • Live in a time zone between UTC+0 and UTC+4 (-2 to +2 hours Tallinn time);

Experience with our front-end stack:

  1. TypeScript

  2. Svelte

  3. PostCSS + Tailwind

  4. Vite

  5. Histoire

  6. Vitest


Or experience with similar technologies:

  1. ESNext

  2. Vue

  3. SAAS + CSS Modules

  4. Rollup

  5. Storybook

  6. Karma / Jest / Mocha

  7. Cypress

Soft skills:

  • Be comfortable autonomously building features of at least a medium scale;

  • Be a fast learner: we expect you to be not afraid of learning by doing;

  • Good communication skills for teamwork: we expect you to troubleshoot asap and be interested in diving deep into context;

  • Be oriented to a high quality of the product as a first and only priority;

  • Good knowledge of English: be able to read, and express thoughts in writing.

Must have experience in related fields:

  • Machine Learning and Computer Vision: TensorFlow / MediaPipe / ONNX

  • VR/AR or 3D graphics: WebGL, Three.js,

  • WebGPU, GLSL

  • WebAssembly, WebWorkers

Will be a plus experience in related fields:

● Back-end development: Nodejs, Python, REST

● CloudProviders: Firebase, GCP / AWS / Azure

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