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Front End Engineer - Onsite

Onsite 5 days a week near Central Park - 10 week contract

Progressive Web Apps and React.js experience is a MUST HAVE


  • Hands-on development of user-focused immersive, responsive web applications; advocating for clean code, testing, process refinements, and continuous improvements

  • Leverage advanced TypeScript implementations of React primarily in Next.js but also Astro, Remix, and Gatsby as well as modern styling frameworks (Tailwind, MUI, CSS Modules, etc) on modern content, commerce, or custom applications

  • Work on all aspects of web products, including implementation of the design wireframes, high-fidelity designs, animation/motion, business logic, interfaces to the backend APIs, incorporating analytics & SEO, performance and security

  • Optimize user interfaces for performance, scalability, and accessibility, ensuring a seamless user experience across devices and screen sizes

  • Collaborate with our design and product teams to identify and implement innovative technology solutions that enhance customer experiences and drive conversion

  • Develop, and maintain reusable web software components/libraries for internal use to maximize development efficiency

  • Act as a product evangelist with a deep curiosity about technology trends

  • Complete assigned tasks in a timely manner within project constraints

  • Cultivate a collaborative working environment and a culture of technical ownership


  • An outstanding portfolio of distinctive digital web products or websites, and a love for clean & efficient code

  • Thorough experience with React in TypeScript and JavaScript as Next.js, Astro, Remix or Gatsby to runtimes and servers (Express, Hapi, Node.js, deno, bun GraphQL), to CSS-in-JS styling and component frameworks (Tailwind, MUI, CSS Modules, etc)

  • Experience thinking and building flexible and scalable Design Systems that follow the Atomic Design or equivalent principles. Using tools like Storybook as a robust delivery for well-documented, living design systems

  • Solid understanding of application architecture, with the ability to design and develop applications that leverage modern technologies and frameworks that are compatible with one another

  • Highly aware of modern optimization & performance techniques: detecting and correcting memory usage issues, as well as optimizing code for application performance

  • Experience with coding complex animations (GSAP, Spring, Framer, Lottie), data visualization (D3, Chart.js), and canvas interfaces (WebGL, Three.js, React Three Fiber)

  • Experience with the full SDLC in version control systems (Git, GitHub) and modern development workflows (Agile, SCRUM)

  • Experience with various React state management libraries (Redux, Zustand, Recoil, XState, etc)

  • Passionate for web accessibility and security, as well as knowledge of the latest guidelines and standards of WCAG 2.1 AA+

  • Possess a strong foundation in building scalable, reliable, and high-performance systems

  • Clear and articulate communication, positive attitude, and commitment to delivering quality work

  • Self-motivated and focused on achieving excellence as a team

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