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Engineering Manager

Engineering Manager | In-house Development / Flextime & Fully Remote Work

The company is a digital twin solution startup whose mission is to "reduce to zero the regrets associated with space selection. There are three major axes of the Product Group, which is responsible for the development of the service.

・Consciously accelerate the creation of social impact and business growth brought about by WEB×3D

・Provide superior technologies and ideas to the world as concrete services.

・Directly embody the mission of "reducing regrets associated with spatial choices to zero" through VR. They are now entering a phase in which ROOV will greatly expand its scope of development, from data management systems to communication tools in 3D space. In order to achieve this, it is essential to have new colleagues who can think of innovative ideas, discuss them, and be a strong driving force. The company is looking for members who are passionate about the vision, who can actively and openly discuss it, and who can be trusted and share the results with others in order to build a bigger, newer, and more exciting product.

What is required for an Engineering Manager?

The Engineering Manager is an extremely important position that connects management and development.

As the next core member to accelerate the business, you will provide technical leadership and manage the work and careers of the engineering team.

Development Environment

Development languages: Ruby, Go, TypeScript, JavaScript View frameworks: Vue/Nuxt, React/Next, Three.js Application Frameworks: Ruby on Rails, Gin Infrastructure: AWS (EC2, ECS, RDS, S3, CloudFront, Elasticache, Lambda, API Gateway, AWS Batch, StepFunctions, etc.)

Database: RDS Aurora, DocumentDB, DynamoDB, Redis CI/CD: CircleCI, GitHub Actions, AWS CodePipeline Monitoring and alerting: Sentry, UptimeRobot, PagerDuty Repository management: GitHub


・Communication in Japanese (written and spoken)

・Experience in technical management to set technical policy and drive management decision making

・Experience as a manager of a technical department and leadership experience for coordination and cooperation with multiple departments

・Experience in recruitment and career management of members ・Knowledge and experience in using cloud services such as AWS

・Experience in web application development

・Experience in identifying and resolving technical issues with systems ・Basic knowledge of security


・Leadership experience in alliances and negotiations with other companies

・Leadership experience of a team of 3 or more people

・Experience communicating externally at Tech events, etc.

・Qualifications and knowledge equivalent to Information Security Specialist, Database Specialist, Network Specialist, etc.

・AWS Certified Solution Architect (Professional)

Ideal Applicants

・Take ownership of the project

・Able to take on challenges and challenges with originality and ingenuity, and grow to achieve high results

・Make rational decisions and take action.

・Communicate carefully so that the other party understands and is convinced. Able to make rational decisions and take action.

・Have high communication skills to organically link the organization.

・Experience and skills in creating development-related materials and documentation.

・Have a liking and interest in software and peripheral optimization

Required Language Skills

Japanese Level

Business Level

English Level


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