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GE Healthcare Imaging is a global technology leader that develops effective solutions based on a comprehensive product portfolio: MRI, CT scanners, PET, nuclear medicine, radiography, women's health, interventional and surgical products, image analysis, and software. Radiologists worldwide rely on our software to review and analyze medical images from acquisition techniques such as MRI, CT scanning, or Positron Emission Tomography (PET). To successfully accomplish this task, radiologists use our software for diagnosis, medical procedure preparation, or treatment monitoring at tens of thousands of sites worldwide.

You will be working in the Advanced Visualization department, contributing to the development of a new generation of medical image review and processing applications based on our Software Development Kit (SDK) called "Imaging Fabric."

Job Description

As in most fields, effective software development requires good tools. In the context of developing our framework and medical applications created from it, the numerous components and their implementing architecture generate complexity that needs to be managed.

While there are generic tools useful for web development in general (such as the console and debugger included in browsers), the need for dedicated tools is increasingly apparent.

This internship will involve proposing and developing tools to facilitate the analysis of an application's current state, aiding in its development and debugging. Additionally, these tools could be useful in an educational context during the discovery and understanding phase of an application's architecture.

These tools may take various forms, such as Chrome extensions, Visual Studio Code plugins, etc.

For example, one typical need is the graphical representation (2D/3D) of interactions between certain components of the application, like displaying the transformation chain between different coordinate systems or the elements of the medical image rendering pipeline (with their properties when clicked, for instance).

Another example is a tool to facilitate performance measurement of certain parts of an application.

The intern will have the freedom to choose technologies to create different graphical representations (e.g., D3.js, Three.js, React, Vue.js). Additionally, a Chrome extension will require code injection into the application and the management of various components like service workers.

Topics covered include:

  • Front-End Development (TypeScript)

  • Chrome extensions, Visual Studio Code plugins, etc.

  • Coordinate systems and transformation chains

  • Medical image rendering pipeline

  • Performance

Your missions:

  • Develop/propose tools to analyze a medical application, such as:

    • Displaying the hierarchy of coordinate systems used in the application.

    • Displaying the state of the application's models.

    • Overlaying annotations in the application with contextual information.

    • Performance measurement.

  • Develop/propose one or more development assistance tools for applications, e.g., generating code from connectable graphical boxes.

Candidate Profile:

  • Master's degree or final year of engineering school

  • JavaScript/TypeScript

  • English

  • Autonomy

  • Analytical mindset and creativity

  • Knowledge of web libraries is a plus:

    • Data visualization: e.g., D3.js

    • 3D graphics: e.g., Three.js

    • UI in general: e.g., React

Internship Duration: 6 months

Location: GE HealthCare, 283 rue de la Minière, 78350 Buc

Remote: On-site with the possibility of remote work 2 or 3 days per week

Inclusion and Diversity

GE HealthCare is an equal opportunity employer where inclusion matters. Employment decisions are made without regard to national or ethnic origin, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, disability, protected veteran status, or other characteristics protected by law.

Our total rewards are designed to unleash your ambition by providing the motivation and flexibility you need to turn your ideas into world-changing realities. Our salaries and benefits are competitive and align with what you expect from a globally recognized organization, offering career development opportunities in a culture that fosters collaboration and support.

About Us

GE HealthCare is a global leader in medical technology and digital solutions. It empowers clinicians to make faster, more informed decisions through intelligent equipment, data analytics, applications, and services. With over 100 years of experience in the healthcare sector and approximately 47,000 employees worldwide, the company is at the forefront of precision medicine.

Present in France since 1987, with 2,800 employees, GE HealthCare is firmly rooted in the country through its industrial footprint, R&D, and production center in Buc, Yvelines, and research partnerships with French companies and research centers. Visit for more information.

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