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Creative Frontend Developer

Hello! We are looking for a developer to join the Red Collar team

Red Collar has been creating digital products for businesses for 12 years.We experiment, make bold decisions, and take responsibility for what we do. Our projects have no "expiration date" – even after many years, they continue to inspire and serve as reference points. Welcome to join us!

What you will be responsible for:

  • The primary focus will be on 3D graphics, utilizing both Three.js and WebGL with minimal reliance on libraries.

  • You will be required to work on certain projects that demand an advanced understanding of the 2D context of Canvas.

  • Implement development using TypeScript, employing React + Vite or Next.js.

What we are looking for:

  • Excellent knowledge of HTML and CSS – the ability to flawlessly implement and adapt designs.

  • Profound understanding of JavaScript, starting from ES6.

  • Understanding of the principles of constructing 3D graphics.

  • Experience with TypeScript.

  • Experience working with React.

  • Experience with Redux, Redux Thunk, or Redux Toolkit.

  • Experience with Canvas.

  • Experience working with ThreeJS.

  • Experience with CSS/JS animations.

Additional Advantages:

  • Experience with Effector.

  • Experience working with WebGL.

  • Experience in writing GLSL shaders.

  • Experience with other frameworks (Angular, Vue, Svelte).

  • Experience with scss/sass/less, styled components.

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