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3D Graphics developer

As a 3D Graphics developer at Volumetrics, your role is crucial. You will be helping us define the standard of the spatial web.

You will share ownership over MR.js, our Spatial UI library and the core graphics pipeline.

The technical stuff:

  • Experience in: Javascript, WebGL, GLSL, and THREE.js

  • Game development or adjacent 3D software experience

  • XR development experience a plus

  • WebGPU knowledge a plus

You will own:

  • core features of the graphics implementation of mr.js related to WebGL and threejs interactions and optimizations

  • Implementing core elements of the in-headset developer experience

  • documentation and testing

  • optimizing mr.js for multi-medium (XR, desktop, and mobile) support

You will assist with:

  • Maintaining mr.js, the open-source library Volumetrics is built upon

  • Defining the product by participating in brainstorming sessions and workshops

  • Reviewing user experience flows and give feedback

  • Community engagement, especially if they require a technical knowledge

In your first month

During your first month, you will spend time with Michael, Laurent, and Hannah to form as a team, familiarize yourself with our mission, our strategy, and contribute to our high-level vision.

You will work with Hannah to determine the technical requirements to produce high quality spatial experiences, and use this knowledge to help shape the product roadmap.

In your first year

In your first year, you will build and launch multiple releases of our product and platforms.

  • strategize with us on the product roadmap.

  • write a lot of code, implementing killer features of mr.js and interactive documentation

  • Help make mr.js the most powerful and useful XR library on the web.

  • assist with the product launches.

  • be a vocal community builder, helping early adopters to learn and become proficient with mr.js.

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